Natural Running Form

Remember how you used to run?

As a child you ran naturally and without inhibition.

Rediscover your natural running form. Learn to run more efficiently, putting less stress on your body and enjoy your running again.

Natural running form is the process of reproducing an efficient running style that allows a runner to perform to their highest possible standard whilst reducing the risk of injury. Natural running form concentrates on encouraging a forefoot strike, landing below your centre of gravity, developing a land/load/lever/lift technique, and running with an efficient cadence of around 180 steps per minute.


Whilst we have had tremendous success with runners at national and international level, much of our work focuses on beginners, first time marathon runners and those returning from injury.

Using tools and techniques amassed over 12 years of research and practice, Jon Cowell can teach you the drills and exercises to find your own natural running form.


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Athlete success

Vikki Voysey is seen here displaying her improved running form, having practised our natural running form drills as part of her bespoke training programme.

Footwear options

Natural running and footwear options.


What our customers say

We have successfully delivered natural running form coaching to many satisfied customers.

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