Training plans

Not all athletes wish to utilise the benefits of our coaching services.  The next best alternative is to request a bespoke or generic training plan to assist you in your pre race preparation.


These 16, 12 or 8 week training plans can be tailored to suit your individual needs in terms of discipline level (Advanced/Intermediate/Novice) and event distance (Super Sprint, Sprint, Standard0 and are supported by additional drills, srength & conditioning and stretching activities.  


Please contact us for specific details and prices.

If you are a strong runner, moderate on the bike but consider yourself to be a weaker swimmer, then the Novice/Intermediate/Advanced Swim/Bike/Run plan would be for you.  


Contact us with your requirements for for further guidance on how a training plan could help your triathlon preparation.




Please contact us for a detailed pricing structure - £tbc.


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Applied Triathlon Coaching incorporates British Duathlon, Natural Running Form and Applied Sports Therapy.