Bike lactate testing

It's not just what you do, but how you do it.


By measuring blood lactate levels, we can determine your optimum training zones and ensure that you always make the most of your bike training time.


The test makes use of the latest technology - your bike is attached to the industry leading Tacx T2800 Neo Smart Trainer (accurate to + or - 1%).  Blood is taken painlessly through a minimally invasive method using a portable Lactate Pro 2 device.

During the continuous step test, we measure your blood lactate (BLa), power (Watts), heart rate, and cadence.


After the test, this data is analysed to produce a personalised report, including lactate threshold and onset of blood lactate accummulation (OBLA).  The report will provide training zones to guide your training using both heart rate and power.


£99 (2 hours contact time approx, 1 hour data analysis).


Group tests or tests at other locations can be arranged on request.

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