What our customers say

So far, we have put over 150 runners through our running form assessment. Here is what some of them said:

"Many thanks for this, I certainly wasn't expecting such an in depth analysis. You are an inspiration to all of us and we are extremely fortunate.", Kevin.

"Thank you for such good feedback. I learned a lot again on the day.", Steve.

"I found it really interesting and useful. So much so that I unintentionally knocked 35 seconds off my 5km PB this morning, pretty much due to the momentum gained from leaning forward and concentrating on the technique you showed us. I don't think PR will ever need to worry but it's a massive achievement for me - thank you so much!!", Michelle.

"JC, you revolutionised the way I run following this course. Thank you, thank you, thank you.", Nigel.

"I did my first half marathon last week. I used to get sore knees when I ran over 5km. I haven't had problems with them all summer [since the clinic].", Beth.

"I can’t thank you enough for running the natural running clinic as well as the detailed analysis of our running style. Since the clinic I have tried to put into practice what was highlighted, but now that I have this I can focus and practice the specifics which will hopefully take me to the next level!", Lynne.

"I was a running athlete for about 20 years and learned a lot about getting fit and training programmes and the like. It never occurred to me or anyone else to learn how to run. What an omission. Perhaps if I had learned some of this stuff back then I wouldn't be nursing injuries now. Perhaps and if only's kept springing to mind all morning. But it's never too late.", Steve.

"Oh my goodnesss I wasn’t expecting that amount of feedback! You are very thorough and thank you very much! I am really conscious now of foot placement and been keeping my elbows in!", Anya.

"I ache in all the posterior muscle groups! Could feel them after I left you, and did a technique session today and now I REALLY feel it. Guess I must have needed your help a long time ago! Thanks again.", Stu.

"That’s great feedback, and much appreciated thank you. We are fortunate indeed to have your services in the club, thanks once again.", Andy. 

"Lots to work on I will start doing the conditioning and try to work on increasing cadence as my first priority.", Paul.

"It highlights as I suspected - not enough focus on all the other important stretching, strengthening & core work - the easiest elements to 'dismiss' in my busy life!", C.

"Wow, thanks so much ... Great pointers for me to go and put into practice. Thanks again." S.

"Big massive thank you JC ... I really appreciate the tips and look forward to slowly introducing a few tips into my running program - after the MK marathon :)", Cate.

"Think I might have learnt a thing or two from your session.", Rachael.

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